Seventh Day Adventist Diet

7th Day Adventist Diet

Despite the similarities of the name, the Seventh Day Adventist Diet is not a 7 day diet. Seventh Day Adventists are Christians who honor the Sabbath on the 7th day of the week (in other words, instead of church on Sunday, it’s church on Saturday). Seventh Day Adventists tend to take scripture very seriously, including honoring God with everything they’ve got, including their own bodies. And so, in eating as healthy of a diet as possible, they are honoring God with every bite that they take.

Currently and historically, this includes eating a vegetarian diet. Most Seventh Day Adventists are lacto-ovo vegetarians- meaning that they do eat dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt) as well as eggs. I presume that honey is welcome as well, though I’m not sure of that. However, a small percentage of 7th Day Adventists actually follow a vegan diet, eschewing eggs and dairy, and some adventists do eat meat.

It’s actually very easy to follow the Seventh Day Adventist diet since the diet that is espoused by the Seventh Day Adventist nutrition council is formed on the most recent health studies. Basically, if you follow a healthy, vegetarian diet and continue to educate yourself on healthy diets, you’ll be eating a Seventh Day Adventist diet even if you are not an Adventist. There are also cook books and educational books specifically on how 7th Day Adventists eat, and of course vegetarian cook books are prevalent anywhere that cook books are sold. They even follow the US Department of Agriculture’s vegetarian food pyramid, so if you find that you can trust government recommendations for your health, then that would be an excellent place to start.

Despite what most people believe, a vegetarian diet doesn’t automatically equal healthy. A steady diet of nothing but pasta will do nothing to improve your health. A proper vegetarian diet will include a wide variety of foods, and will pay particular attention to obtaining enough protein, iron, and zinc as well as calcium if dairy is being avoided. So, even though it’s a mainly vegetarian diet, it’s the specifics that really make the difference in health when following the Seventh Day Adventist diet.

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