Seven Day Adventist Diet

7 Day Adventist Diet

There have been a few studies on the Seven Day Adventist diet. Really, it’s not a diet in the sense of a short term restrictive diet with the intention of losing weight (see 7 day diet, 3 day diet, and 1 day diet for more of these diet types), it’s actually a diet as in “eating a healthy diet” or “my daily diet consists of all the recommended nutrients”. In other words, it’s a lifestyle diet.

Because these studies have been done on the Seven Day Adventist diet, many people believe that there’s something special about how they eat. But on the contrary, the Seventh Day Adventist diet is no more and no less than a vegetarian diet. However, the reason that so many Seven Day Adventists follow a vegetarian diet is not for the same reasons as many other vegetarians. In fact, their diet is based on an interpretation of scripture that they feel encourages vegetarianism rather than out of simple feeling for animals, animal treatment, or other ethical reasons. Simply put, 7th Day Adventists feel that following a healthy diet is honoring to God, and as such tend to stay up to date with the latest research that involves a healthy diet. And while many people would disagree, most studies show that diets low in meat products are the healthiest.

Not all Seven Day Adventists are lacto-ovo vegetarians, some are vegan, and some even eat meat. However, even the meat eaters tend to restrict their diet, following the list of clean and unclean animals, fowl, fish, and insects that is found Leviticus.

Still, if you wish to follow the Seven Day Adventist diet, you can find more information on the diet by clicking here.

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