Free 7 Day Diet Plan

Free Seven Day Diet Plan

If you’re looking for a free 7 day diet plan, you have a lot to choose from. But quantity isn’t quality and it can be hard to sift through all of the options out there.

Most of the free 7 day diet plans available on the interwebs are probably not safe for long term use, usually aren’t vetted by doctors or nutritionists, and definitely aren’t nutritionally complete. Most will, however, give you very quick weight loss in large amounts. Usually between 3 and 10 pounds in the 7 day period.

Though there are other, more nutritious, diets available, the most popular of these seems to be the 7 day cabbage soup diet. There are many reasons for this- 1.) It’s been around since the 80′s which has given it time to gain traction among those who want to lose weight quickly. 2.) It’s very simple and the food items are inexpensive for the most part. 3.) You can eat as much as you want on this diet and still lose weight. 4.) It’s effective for quick weight loss, though not long term.

This is certainly not the only free 7 day diet plan, but if followed strictly you’re almost guaranteed a weight loss of 5-10 lbs in only a week. Of course, you’ll need to keep in mind that almost all of it will be water weight, and that this diet should NOT be followed for more than 7 days at a time and would ideally have at least 3-6 weeks in between diets.

This diet is absolutely not nutritionally complete, but it is cheap (being almost entirely vegetables and fruits) and easy to do (as in, not complicated, not as in not needing willpower). While you can eat as much as you want, remember that on days where you can only eat vegetables or only eat fruit, and are trying to fill up on watery cabbage, onion, and tomato soup, you may find your willpower flagging. This is not your fault! This diet is not nutritionally complete, and your body will not only crave foods that you normally enjoy (such as chips and ice cream), but it will also crave foods that you need (proteins, fats). Keep in mind that not everyone’s body is well suited to a deprivation diet such as this one. If you think that you will not do well on entire days consisting of nothing but vegetables and cabbage soup, you would do well to find a diet that allows foods such as whole plain yogurt, full fat cheese, or other dairy or meat products (or fish).

If you’re interested in finding another free 7 day diet plan, visit our forum to find others who have been successful.

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