7 Day Detox And Quitting Smoking

I just wanted to stop in and talk to you guys a little bit about my efforts at detoxifying my body.

One of the more popular articles on our site is the 7 day detox diet that involves pretty much cutting everything out of your daily diet that can be bad for you.  No booze or fried foods or cigarettes, that kind of thing. Well it isn’t all that hard to do, and if you really put your mind to it you can get it done.

I am 5 days into quitting smoking and my body is feeling better already. I can breath, I can smell, and my teeth are already getting whiter. Accept for the coffee stains. :p Anyway  I may not be doing the whole detox diet thing, but just getting the smoke out of my lungs of a week feels good.

Now I don’t plan on going back to smoking anytime soon, because the goal isn’t just 7 days and yours shouldn’t be either. But I just wanted to say that if you really want to get something done you can do it. Whether it be the whole detox diet or just part of getting healthy.

The most important thing about detox is not getting thin quickly, but becoming a healthier person.  Use the diet to help achieve health and not just the short term goal.

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