British Heart Foundation 3 Day Diet

British Heart Foundation Three Day Diet

About The British Heart Foundation 3 Day Diet

The British Heart Foundation 3 day diet is known by many names, but does not seem to be endorsed by anyone. In fact, the British Heart Foundation not only denies being involved in anyway with this 3 day diet, it flat out recommends to avoid it. The reason for their concern is likely because the daily caloric count for anyone strictly following this diet is approximately 700 calories. Consider that it is recommended for women to consume 2000 calories a day, and men to consume 2500 calories a day.  Despite the similarities, the British Heart Foundation 3 day diet is not the same as the 700 calorie diet.

The meal plan is quite simple, though there are so many versions floating around that it can be hard to know for certain which items are the recommended foods for this particular diet. After all, too many substitutions and different similar diets melding together may dramatically increase or decrease the calories, and even affect the nutritional value overall.

British Heart Foundation 3 Day Diet Menu

The very basic meal plan for the British Heart Foundation 3 day diet is simple and easy to follow.  You must drink 5 8oz glasses of water a day. Breakfast is 5 dry crackers, 1 slice of cheddar cheese, and a small apple, as well as a cup of black coffee or tea (0 calorie sweeteners are allowed in some versions). Lunch is 1 boiled egg and a slice of dry toast, with an option for a cup of black coffee, tea, or plain water. Dinner is 1 cup of tuna (other sources say 3oz tuna), 1 cup of carrots (or beets), 1 cup of cauliflower, ½ melon, and 4oz vanilla icecream.

Other variations include half a grapefruit or unsweetened juice, steak, chicken, various other vegetables and fruits, and one version even includes hot dogs. Some versions give you 4 oz of vanilla icecream, others say a full cup, and some specify diet icecream while others don’t. All versions say that you must follow the diet exactly or use only their specified substitutions, such as changing carrots for beets, or cottage cheese instead of tuna.  For best results, choose one version of the British Heart Foundation 3 day diet and stick to it, otherwise your calorie and nutrition intake won’t be as easily trackable.

Origin of the British Heart Foundation 3 Day Diet

The British Heart Foundation diet is similar or the same as several other 3 day diets, such as the Scarsdale Diet, the Chemical Breakdown Diet, the Pre-Op Diet, and the Greenlane Diet. I’m sure that there are many more.

While there are many claims that the British Heart Foundation 3 day diet works by chemically breaking down your fat, what is most likely is that the weight you’re shedding is actually water weight. This is because by following this diet strictly, you won’t be consuming enough liquid, and since all the food is to be unseasoned, there will be no sodium to help you retain what liquids you do drink. Maintaining a 700 calorie diet for too long will actually reduce your metabolism and put your body into starvation mode, which will actually cause you to retain your weight in the long run, and may be the reason that many people gain back more weight than they initially lost.

However, despite the problems with a crash diet such as this, there are a few strong benefits towards trying a fasting diet like the British Heart Foundation three day diet.  If you absolutely need to drop just a few pounds very quickly for a specific event, strictly following the meal plan will probably work (keep in mind that you’ll need to control your urge to overeat when the 3 days are over). Also be certain that you won’t need to be in tip top shape mentally and physically for that same event. Unless you’ve done this diet before, you won’t know how your body is going to react to it. If your body feels deprived, you will have more problems than a few extra pounds could cause.

Benefits of the British Heart Foundation 3 Day Diet

The other real benefit to trying a diet like this, is that if you can train your body to be happy with the healthy foods on the list and the low calorie count, it can be used to jump start a healthier lifestyle of eating. It’s been proven that many processed foods are actually addictive, and if you can purge, or detox your body from those chemicals and processed foods, it may be easier to switch to a natural food diet.

British Heart Foundation 3 Day Diet Reviews

Is the BHF diet worth it? Only you and your physician can judge that. If you’re interested in this diet, I encourage you to speak to your doctor or nutritionist, and come join in the conversation in our forums about the British Heart Foundation 3 day diet.

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