A 7 Day Diet

A 7 Day Diet

With the number of different diets in the market trying to find a 7 day diet plan that will work for you may be a little overwhelming, but do not fret.  Here at day-diets we have researched and reviewed almost every 7 day diet that we have come across and can help you navigate your way through the maze of diets on the internet.

Just below this introduction you will find a list of links and brief descriptions to each of the diets we have covered on the site so far. But please remember the before you begin a 7 day diet you should consult with you doctor or a certified nutritionist to be sure the diet is safe for you.

A road map to help you find a 7 day diet:

The 7 Day Soup Diet

The seven day soup diet is a very simple diet that is usually known as the 7 day cabbage soup diet or sometimes simply as the 7 day diet. The diet is effective when followed for the full 7 days, should not be attempted for more than 7 days in a row, or should it be used more than 2 or 3 times per year.

The 7 Day Sugar Free Diet

The 7 Day Sugar Free Diet is an e-book that should help you to train your body (and mind, and taste buds) to stop craving sugar. Its focus is on real, wholesome, natural foods- not processed junk, which will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to stop its cravings.

7 Day Vegetarian Diet

The 7 Day Vegetarian Diet, is not a strict meal plan, in fact it is quite relaxed.  To begin the diet you should peruse the list of menu items and sit down with a pen and decide which ones sound best to you and then “mix and match” meals that peak your interest. As long as you reach the recommended 1400 calories per day and eat items listed on the menu you are doing it correctly.

Food Doctor 7 Day Diet

The Food Doctor 7 day diet is part of the Food Doctor over all health plans. While there is, indeed a Food Doctor 7 day dietincluded, it is intended to be a jump start to an over all healthy diet to be followed for a lifetime.

Find Out More…

The perfect diet is the one that best fits your lifestyle and is risk free.  To find out more about a 7 day diet click on the links above or follow this link to the full version of all our 7 day diet information.

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