7 Day Vegetable Soup Diet

Seven Day Vegetable Soup Diet

The 7 day vegetable soup diet is more popularly known as the 7 day cabbage soup diet, though technically, vegetable soup is more accurate since the cabbage only plays a single part in the soup recipe as a whole.

The key to the 7 day vegetable soup diet is, as the name implies, the vegetable soup. This is not because the soup contains some magical ingredient that will make the fat melt right out of you (though some have made that claim about the cabbage, but there is absolutely no proof of that), but rather because you can eat unlimited amounts of the soup for the full 7 days without having to worry about it packing on those extra calories.

The 7 day vegetable soup diet is very simple. It has a huge focus on vegetables and fruits, and does allow for the occasional starch (bananas, brown rice) and a few meat binges. The reason that this diet works, allowing dieters to lose 8-10 lbs on average, is that there are almost no carbohydrates allowed on this diet. Carbohydrates cause you to retain water, just as excess salt does (perhaps even worse), and so the heavy focus on vegetables will let your body flush itself out- with the help of lots of watery soup and 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Because so much of the diet is made up of vegetables, many people go on this diet as a kind of detox. This isn’t a detox in the traditional sense of the word, but with all that water and all those vegetables, you will likely get a bit of a cleanse from it. At least from the first few days, which are exclusively water, soup, vegetables, and fruits. After that, more foods are added in, such as the banana and skim milk day and the beef and tomatoes day.

Many people find it very difficult to stick to this 7 day diet because having the same vegetable soup every day becomes very monotonous and vegetables and fruits are not very filling and aren’t very satisfying for the long term. Remember, beans, tofu (made from soy beans) and other starches and proteins aren’t allowed on this diet. And because this isn’t a nutritionally complete diet, your body will begin to absolutely crave other foods. If you find yourself giving in, do not be hard on yourself. It’s not just a lack of will power- it’s simply that your body needs other foods than what is provided on this menu. But if you can stick it out, the brown rice and beef days near the end should help you with your cravings. And remember, the 7 day vegetable soup diet is for only 7 days.

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