7 Day Soup Diet Plan

If you are looking for a diet plan that is different, effective, and actually healthy for you, then you are in the right place because the 7 day soup diet plan just might be all of those things. Obviously, we need to investigate these findings, but let’s take a moment to do just that. We have thing to lose but some weight.

Most of the time when people are talking about the 7 day soup diet plan, they are really referring to the 7 day cabbage soup diet. So if you really want to learn about that diet plan, then please visit that page. But, we will review here below just to make things simple.

7 Day Soup Diet Plan

Day One

Day is is great because you can eat all that you want to. Isn’t this different? ell, not really. The catch is that you can eat all the fruit you want, but no bananas. You are to eat your soup and fruit for day one. Drink unsweetened teas and water because it is important.

Day Two

It is vegetable day! Get excited and enjoy natures medicine. It is your choice of raw or cooked vegetables. Go for the green, leafy ones if you can and try to stay away from dry beans, corn, and peas. Eat your soup and all the veggies that you can stand. Once you make it to dinner you can reward yourself with a bake potato. Yes, you can add butter, but it would be best if you didn’t. No fruits today.

Day Three:

This is another all you can eat day. Mix all the fruit, soup, and vegetables that you can eat and enjoy. Eight glasses of water are a must today.

Day Four:

Obviously, you need to drink your eight glasses of water. Eat your soup for the day and get your bananas and skim milk in. If you are not a skim milk drinker, then substitute with 1% milk. The bananas will taste like sweets after only eating vetegables and soup so much, so be sure to enjoy this day.

Day Five:

Today is the big meat day if there ever was one. You should eat 10 to 20 ounces of beef and up to six fresh tomatoes. You may not eat beef, so broiled or baked chicken will work here, but no skin on the chicken, please. Also, you may substitute fish for the beef or even  tofu if you are a vegetarian. But  include you soup on this day, the more the merrier.

Day Six:

Drink your water, eat your soup, vegetables, and get some more beef in your life. Again you can substitute as you need to make this work, but don’t eat any potatoes today.

Day Seven:

This is a great day cause it is the end of your 7 day diet journey. You can enjoy brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices and veggies. This is another all you can eat day, so love it. Have at least one bowl of soup on this day, but you should do two of them and drink your water.

If you follow this diet, then you will have achieve the results of the 7 day soup diet plan.

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