3 Day Military Diet

3 Day Military Diet

The few, the proud, the in shape. Say what you will about the war on terror, the war in Iraq, or any war for that matter, but don’t say the United States Military is not in shape. This is not a political site and I am not here to sway your views on what is right our wrong with our countries military, but I can introduce to you the 3 day Military Diet.

What is the 3 Day Military Diet?

Also known as the 3 Day Army Diet the military diet is a short term diet and exercise regimen designed to get you in the shape needed to accomplish the requisite tests you will take in order to enter boot camp.

The 3 day military diet is not the long term solution or guide to becoming a military expert or their specific health program. Instead it is a quick diet to lose a few pounds, and prepare you for the entrance pushup, sit-up, and running requirements of the US military.

What is the 3 Day Military Diet Menu?

There isn’t a specific menu. Instead there is a guide to healthy eating. The 3 day Military Diet suggests eating lean protein such as fish, turkey, chicken, 93% lean ground beef or above, fresh green vegetables, beans, nuts, fruits, and extra whey protein to help build a long term nutrition plans that will help you get fit and stay fit.

What is the 3 Day Military Diet Exercise Plan?

It is really quite simple. In order to get into basic training you need to be able to accomplish certain goals; one for pushups, one for sit-ups, and one for running. So we are going to get you up to snuff in those three areas. Follow these instructions to a T and you will be losing weight and ready to go for BT, or just whatever goal you have set for yourself.

Start by doing as many pushups as you can without stopping, immediately flip over and do as many sit-ups as you can without stopping. Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat until you can’t do anymore.

This method of training is going to build muscle, burn fat, and since you are doing the exercises without much rest it keeps your heart rate higher giving the workout cardio like results.

Finally run/walk 2miles a day. You must finish the 2 miles whether it is running or walking. Give yourself a goal to beat your previous days time.

3 Day Military Diet Results:

Don’t expect huge numbers from the 3 Day Military Diet. But do expect to lose weight, real weight unlike many other versions of the 3 Day Diet. The 3 Day Military Diet is a great weigh to boost your energy and start burning fat.

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