3 Day Diet Grapefruit

3 day diet grapefruitMany of the 3 Day Diets featured Grapefruit in the plan, the 3 Day Grapefruit Diet could be a good choice if choosing this kind of diet but read on for more information.

Grapefruit is an awesome food that could be classified as a Super Food for many reasons and when taking on a 3 day diet grapefruit can really help to keep you well nourished, hydrated and low on calories, plus they taste great!

What is so good about using Grapefruit on a 3 Day Diet?

Grapefruit was originally a hybrid citrus fruit and only ornamental but when people started eating it it started to become very popular for it’s sweet tart taste and can now be found in many varieties from pink to red and even white.

In your 3 day diet you need nutrients and grapefruit is known to be high in the good nutrients and phytochemicals that are believed to help us have a healthy diet.

They contain large amounts if vitamin C and fiber (pectin), they also carry antioxidants such as lypocene and are thought to help lower cholesterol. The fruits low glycemic index is also thought o help speed up the metabolism and help in many diet plans, not just a 3 day diet.

Dangers of a 3 Day Diet with Grapefruit

Firstly before taking on any diet you should consult a doctor. Grapefruit is largely liquid so in effect as very few calories and helps keep your 3 day diet in the extremely low calorie category of diet. Not consuming enough food could make you feel week, leave you feeling light headed and could lead to binge eating. You have to be very careful and listen to your body.

Grapefruit also have some interesting properties. They are known to actually increase the effects of and block effects of some medication so you must consult the physician if you take any medications. Some suggestions have also said that they increase the risk of breast cancer although this has not been confirmed.

One other thing to bear in mind is that grapefruit is thought to increase the chance of getting kidney stones quite dramatically, an 8 oz glass of juice per day could increase the risk by up to 44%!

Warnings aside, I would personally trust a grapefruit over a hamburger any day of the week!

3 Day Diet Grapefruit Use

Many variations on the 3 day diets that use grapfruit out it in the breakfats portion of the plan. It’s a great breakfast food that helps ake you up, boost your energy and give you a fresh feeling for the day. The taste can be very tart so it could help to have a small amount of low cal sugar replacement to take the edge off, or you could test varieties and find a fruit that suits your taste.

The vitamins, minerals and nutrients help give your body the start it needs and promotes a good start to your day.

We love grapefruit at 3 Day Diets and I am sure you will find room for them in your healthy eating plan.

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