3 Day Birmingham Diet

3 Day Birmingham Diet

The 3 Day Birmingham Diet which is generally referred to as the 3 Day Cardiac diet is a fad or yoyo diet that misleads would be dieters by promising weight loss of up to 10 lbs in just 3 days. The diet will help you lose weight; unfortunately it is through improper use of low calorie intake and diuretics.  This means an unhealthy way to lose weight for dieters that are ultimately going to result in future weight gain.

The concept behind the diet is that by following a very strict meal plan for 3 days the body will basically go through a magic change or metabolic transformation in which you will start burning fat faster than you normally would.

The 3 Day Birmingham diet is basically just hogwash.  The creators of this diet have simply changed the name of the original 3 day diet that was created in the 1980s and attached the name of a respected health organization to it in order to help them sell their diet and make money off of it.

The diet tries to convince you to follow a strict eating plan that does not offer a smart variety of clean foods or exercise plan to manage your weight loss goals.  After completing the diet and returning to your normal eating patterns and behaviors you will likely gain any weight back that you lost, and maybe more.

The problem with low calorie diets is that you are forcing your body to live of the fat and muscle that your body already has to create energy that it would normally get from the foods that you eat.  So when you return to normal eating your body then stores more fats so that the next time it needs the excess it will have it readily available.

If you are looking to lose weight I would suggest you consult your family physician or a nutritionist and creating a healthy menu and exercise plan.  This way your relationship with food will be a positive one and you will be set up with a path to succeed in the long term.  Staying away from fad diets like the 3 Day Birmingham Diet is a smart idea because you are only hurting yourself by trying to cheat your way to a thinner body.

Remember that it is more important to be healthy that it is to be thin.  If you can accomplish the goal of being healthy, you will be at the weight you want to in no time.  If you do the 3 Day Birmingham Diet you will be yo-yoing your weight up and down and not helping yourself in any way.

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