3 Day Army Diet

3 Day Army Diet

The army is known for producing lean mean fighting machines. You may not want to be a mean fighting machine, but you do want to get lean, and there is no better way than using a similar nutrition plan to that what the Army uses. The 3 Day Army Diet will help you eat right and lose weight in just 3 days.

About the 3 Day Army Diet

The 3 Day Army Diet is an introduction to a broader diet and exercise regimen that a solider would experience while training in boot camp. When preparing for boot camp you must be prepared to take a series of tests that require certain metrics to be met involving weight, number of pushups, number of sit-ups, and a running requirement. The 3 day army diet will outline a high protein and low fat nutrition plan and an introduction workout program to reach these goals and lose weight quickly.

3 Day Army Diet Nutrition Plan

The 3 Day Army Diet Nutrition Plan includes eating foods that are high sources of Protein. Lean fish (salmon), chicken, turkey, tuna and egg whites allow you to create an array of satisfying meals that are extremely high in protein, low in tran-saturated fats, and will help build and repair your muscles. Eating asparagus and other fresh green vegetables will create a balanced nutrition plan. Do not eat canned vegetables because they are high in sodium and will make your body retain water. Do not drink any soda, juice, or alcohol during the 3 Day Army Diet. Water and 1% or fat free milk will keep you properly hydrated and provide nutrients without any unnecessary sugar. Finally reduce you daily intake of carbohydrates, but do not eliminate them as they are a source of energy for fat burning cells in your body.

3 Day Army Diet Exercise Plan

Begin each morning by completing as many standard (male) pushups as you can. Without resting between sets immediately turn to your back and do as many crunches as you can. After you have completed a set of each rest for 30 seconds and begin the process again and repeat it until you can no longer perform the exercise while maintaining good form.

Entry exams for basic training require you to complete a specific number of pushup and sit-ups within a minute. By performing both of these exercises with little rest between sets you will be improving your cardio and muscular strength allowing you to be better prepared for each test.
Finally spend 15 minutes running, walking, or jogging each day for the length of the 3 Day Diet to help increase your stamina and burn calories.

3 Day Army Diet Reviews

We currently don’t have any reviews or results for the 3 Day Army Diet, but if you would like to get more information on training and nutrition plans please check out the Official U.S. Army Physical Fitness Guide

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