11 Day Diet Plan Free

You have to love the 11 day diet plan free of the same mundane menu protocols that you are use to seeing. What do I mean? Well, the 11 day diet plan is totally different from everything that you have tried before and I will explain it.

11 Day Diet Plan Free Wheeling Concept

The idea behind this diet plan is to confuse your stomach and body as to what types of foods are coming next. The makers of this particular diet plan believes that over time your body becomes use to the types of foods that you put into your body.  And as a result of this, it begins to build up a defense to these foods as well. This defense includes the act of slowing down the metabolism to to store more energy in the body’s fat cells. The side effects of this behavior by the body is to maintain or gain more weight, which is not what you have in mind as dieter, right?

The solution presented by the creators of this diet is to make sure that each one of your 11 meals are different, totally different. This is the first diet that I have come across with this concept and I must admit that it is intriguing, but I am not sold on the results just yet.

The 11 day diet plan free has 10 different days of food combination. This is because day two and day eleven are the same as far as food, but the others are radically different. In theory, this is suppose to confuse the stomach and the body into working just as hard each day and not be able to take the day off because they know what types of foods and nutrients are coming down the pipe.

Does this Diet Plan Work?

That question remains to be seen. I have not tried this personally, so I cannot speak from that perspective. I will say this. If you are willing to eat the few number of calories that are involved in this diet and add in some physical activity, then I don’t see why over time you will not lose some weight. Because weight loss and gain is directly tied to the number of calories you are consuming and the number of calories that you are burning.

The 11 day diet plan free of restrictive food intakes only allow you to take in very few calories a day. Much less than you are probably typically digesting in a typical day, therefore, it starts with the great potential of you losing at least some of the weight that you desire.

If you decide to take this weight lost plan, the 11 day diet plan free, for a walk around the block, then please be sure to leave us your thoughts on how it works for you.

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